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3 Questions to ask yourself before buying a Laptop in Kenya.

Here are 3 factors to consider when buying yourself a laptop in Kenya.


Before buying a laptop in Kenya in this digital age,understand computers have become more of necessities rather than luxuries. With each passing day, operations are being computerized, and more people are being forced to purchase them. There are so many brands of laptops in the market today, and it is vital to know how to distinguish the perfect laptop for your intended use. Buying a computer that does not serve your needs is a terrible mistake that will leave you regretting for many years to come.


Who Will Be Using The Laptop?


The first thing that determines the kind of laptop an individual buys is the kind of person they are. This may sound a bit irrelevant, but it has a big say on what they eventually opt for. Some finer details such as the eye condition of an individual or how one handles, things can also be considered in this case. Some laptops are designed with fragile shells while others come with tough ones that can endure a couple of knocks.


The Price of the Laptop.


When the term “purchase” pops up in any context, the price of the particular merchandise has to pop up since buying basically involves money. Most people operate on a fixed budgets, and no one would want purchase a laptop computer that costs more than they are willing to spend at that particular time. One thing worth noting is that the price of a laptop is not independent since it encompasses the nature of the laptop as well. You might land the cheapest laptop Nairobi but find out that you also got yourself the most redundant laptop as well.


This is where we bring in ways on how to know the best laptop deals. A good laptop deal should simply be one where you purchase a laptop at a good price and get a unit that clearly represents the value of the money you spent.


The internet has revitalized a number of things and surely one of the easiest things to do today is to buy stuff on the net. You can buy a cheap laptop online today and even have it delivered at your doorstep within no time. As a matter of fact, the internet is the best resource you can use to find the best laptop deals in Nairobi. Walking through the streets of Nairobi while passing shop by shop asking for the cheapest laptop deal is so 1900 and only makes you vulnerable to the thousands of conmen and rogue traders scattered all over town.


All you are needed to do is to search on the internet for the cheap laptop computers for sale, and you will get a host of stores in town where you can make further enquiries or even visit them if you deem fit. Using the internet saves you a lot of time and effort since you only get to visit a particular store and not the whole lot.


What exactly is a good laptop?


An ideal laptop is characterized by several features. However, the specifications significantly differ with what you intend to use the computer for. Some general specifications defining laptops are universal and regardless of what you plan to use the laptop for, the better they are, the better your laptop will be. The RAM should be your first check since this is the part of the computer that determines the performance of your computer alongside the processor. A 4GB RAM is not bad for a number of applications. The 2GB one may be a bit low for several applications but can still work reasonably well provided you do not overwork it.


The processor is the second specification you should look out for. A core i3 laptop is not bad, but the core i5 and i7 offer better performance than the i3. The processor should also be preferably above 1.9GHz for optimal performance. The hard drive is not much of an issue since you can purchase an external one if you need more storage space or even upgrade the current one. Regardless, a good laptop computer should have at least 500 GB space for a start or even more. Some other features such as the size and weight of the laptop depend on your specific preferences. The battery life is an important part of a laptop, and you should ensure you check its life when not charging.


There are numerous stores where you can get used laptops for sale in Nairobi. Such laptops are beneficial for individuals who want to get good laptops but are limited by the money they have for instance University students. The best laptop for University students should be able to execute several tasks efficiently. A typical student relies heavily on their laptop and will use it to watch a movie, play music, surf the internet, type an assignment, conduct a simulation exercise using software such as MATLAB, play games, and store stuff. From the above, it is evident that the best laptop for a Nairobi student needs to be up to scratch in almost all aspects.


Buying a used laptop is like taking a gentle gamble since you have no idea what you are getting into. Inspection is key when buying second-hand laptops since that is the only way you know the condition of the laptop. There are some flaws and glitches associated with used laptops that you may occasionally miss but since it is a gamble, the element of risk has to be there.


The best alternative to the used laptops that reduces the danger of getting a flawed laptop are the refurbished laptops. Refurbished laptops are ones that have been returned to the manufacturer while faulty. The manufacturer then makes the laptop and avails it to buyers at a relatively lower price. You can get the best refurbished laptop deals in Nairobi by searching the internet. Most of the laptop selling stores offer both the brand new and the refurbished laptops.



Gaming laptops are very popular among University students and young people. These kind of laptops are kind of different from the others due to their concentration on graphics. Modern games like FIFA, GTA, and Modern Warfare are best enjoyed under optimal graphics, and that pretty much defines how a gaming laptop should be. You can get a cheap gaming laptop with enhanced graphics in several stores in Nairobi. A good gaming laptop should have a good processor so that you enjoy the game seamlessly without overworking the computer in the process.



In conclusion, getting the best laptop computer in Nairobi is very easy if you know what to look out for.  With the laptop market increasing with each passing day, more manufacturers are also stepping in, and this has made the pool of laptop computers so wide that you cannot miss out on the best laptop for you. All you need is to get your needs right and find the specifications and budget that correspond to these requirements. From that point, getting the best laptop will be a very simple task for you.


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